Facilitating Your Personal Expression
Feng Shui * Interior Decorating * Space Clearing
My personalized service is a combination of life coaching, decorating, feng shui and space clearing. Service and price varies depending upon your specific needs.

Feng Shui
Each area of your home depicts an area in your life. What you wish to create in your life or business is reflected through what and where items are placed in your office or home. I offer tips on creating the best environment for your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial prosperity and provide a "mini-course" so you can continue enhancing these areas on your own.

Interior Decorating
We work together to express your decorating taste and create an environment that is uniquely you, while also attracting what you want in life.

Space Clearing
I facilitate your freedom from physical clutter and old energy, emotions and unwanted influences (spiritual clutter) in a loving and very understanding way. Let's create a powerful environment that enables you to realize your dreams and live life more fully.
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Allegra Zoe Genereaux
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